Entertainment Weekly’s pick for 10 summer ‘Literary Thrills and Chills’

“Ranjit Singh is one of the most entertaining and fully realized amateur detectives to appear in years….”
—Washingtonian Magazine, 10 Best Books of June

“This sequel to The Caretaker (2013) is another solid success for Ahmad, who conjures up a fascinating cast of characters from mobsters to cab drivers, illuminating South Asian expat culture and exploring the Indian Mafia’s long reach… A strong, rapid-paced thriller with exotic interest; addictive reading.”

“Ahmad does a wonderful job of conveying the vibrant underworld that has become Singh’s new life. As the action unfolds in the old garages and cheap ethnic restaurants where the cabbies congregate and where jailhouse lawyers hold meetings in back rooms, he builds a vision of a city that is more “Slumdog Millionaire” (or “Dirty Pretty Things”) than “Manhattan”…. [An] intriguing glimpse inside the South Asian immigrant experience, rich in flavors and expressions that can conjure a memory or throw a character back in time.”
—The Boston Globe

“This is stand-out genre writing; Ahmad packs a lot of sexy and intriguing muscle onto the skeleton of the detective formula. Singh is a compelling, attractive hero, and his journeys offer us a cross-section view of worlds too often invisible to those not living in them. “The Last Taxi Ride” is a pressure-cooked stew…”
—The Brooklyn Paper

“A.X. Ahmad takes us inside the immigrant experience, and for purposes of plot, it never hurts to have an “invisible man” with serious close-combat skills. It’s interesting to see the U.S. from the perspective of a dark-skinned man in a turban.”
—Charlotte Observer

“Ahmad twists this crime novel scenario into a clever take on the corruption of India’s film industry and the migration of its crime mobsters to New York….The Last Taxi Ride is an immigrant’s-eye view of New York City’s streets and American xenophobia masquerading as a whodunit. The tenacious Ranjit traverses its avenues and alleys like Lawrence Block’s Matt Scudder in a turban. Ahmad ably brings to life a side of the city rarely seen by those who take for granted their nannies, doormen and cabbies.”
—Shelf Awareness

“Ranjit, ever the gallant Sikh, makes a winning hero in a mystery revealing of how Indians do business-legitimate or otherwise—in New York and around the world.”
–Publisher’s Weekly

“Ahmad intertwines a double narrative set some 20 years apart, seamlessly moving between the mafia-controlled glamour of Mumbai’s film industry to the invisible-in-clear-view immigrant service world of multi-culti New York City. From oversized city rats to the designer-clad two-legged variety, from Dubai mansions to hidden Chinatown backrooms, from human hair to Prada couture, Ahmad deftly lures us into another heart-thumping, multi-twisted, law-defying adventure for his good Captain Singh.”
—The Smithsonian Book Dragon

“The Last Taxi Ride is an international ride of intrigue, murder, and struggle. Ahmad’s characters…all behave in a nuanced, human fashion. The author weaves in Singh and Shah’s individual struggles beautifully, and then ties all of those issues into the larger narrative. And it all plays out on a world stage.”
—Criminal Element

“As I read The Last Taxi Ride, I often found myself smiling, cringing or both and that was, for me, the mark of a solid read and Ahmad’s promise as an author. He infuses the thriller with delightful notes like a Greek chorus of taxi drivers, running jokes that only get better as the plot progresses, and lyrical passages that deepen, rather than slow, the overall narrative.”
—Desi Writers Lounge

“I picked this novel up and devoured the entire thing in one sitting…. Ahmad’s really honed his writing skills with this novel, delivering a breathless thriller while still maintaining intriguing character development and his gorgeous, descriptive writing. I’ll be on the edge of my seat waiting for the final chapter in this trilogy.”
—S. Krishna’s Books

“… Ranjit Singh is a Sikh and a former officer of the Indian army, a man who ranges the streets of Manhattan in a taxi cab and yet maintains the sensibilities of a vastly alien culture; a man who aims his laser-like vision at those same mean streets, forever changing our view of their chaos and pain. A stunningly fine novel. Noir as seen through a shimmering jewel, held up as an offering to Shiva.”
—Martin Limon, author of Nightmare Range

“I couldn’t stop reading this beautiful, realistic and riveting second novel featuring Ranjit Singh. The novel takes the reader deep into New York’s largely unseen immigrant world as well as the cutthroat backstage of the Bollywood film industry. The Last Taxi is one hell of a ride…”
—Sujata Massey, author of The Sleeping Dictionary and the Rei Shimura series

“[Takes] us on a harrowing ride through the desperate streets of Hindi Jackson Heights and Little Guyana to the glittering Bollywood backlots and the underworld of the Mumbai mafia. Full of action and surprises, The Last Taxi Ride is a dark slice of New York’s South Asian demimonde, and author A.X. Ahmad knows the turf well. You can almost taste the roti and the kaali-daal, and readers will surely be hailing the next ride.”
—Henry Chang, author of Death Money and the Chinatown trilogy

“Barely had time to fasten my seatbelt. A.X Ahmad takes us on a breathtaking roller-coaster ride through an underworld most of us would never guess existed.” —Peter May, author of The Blackhouse




“[An] exciting and involving debut novel.” —Wall Street Journal

“A fast-paced literary thriller, shifting action from the desolate ice-clad Siachen glacier separating India and Pakistan to the posh environs of Martha’s Vineyard. Top-notch effort in the first of a promising trilogy.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A cynically smart political thriller…. Beyond the masterfully crafted, high-adrenaline story, readers will be fascinated by Ranjit’s strong Sikh faith, rarely seen in American fiction.” —Booklist, starred review

“Ahmad is testing the boundaries of the traditional immigrant narrative with this genre, twisting many of its elements in exciting ways.” —Los Angeles Review of Books

“The crime genre is getting a rare South Asian touch with the “The Caretaker”… [a] fast-paced thriller, the first in a trilogy.” —The New York Times

“With “The Caretaker,”[Ahmad] has created a novel that looks at race and culture and the changing face of America. It’s a story that’s easy to devour but hard to forget — and one that cries out for a sequel.” —Richmond Times Dispatch 

“A debut novelist who’s been winning some serious critical acclaim.” —WAMU, National Public Radio Interview

“A read that moves beyond standard thriller fare. Weaving together Singh’s Sikh faith with very personal moments, taut action sequences, and events with international significance, Ahmad’s thriller should have broad appeal. —Library Journal, starred review

“The Caretaker” isn’t just a solid thriller, it’s a wonderful novel about clashing cultures and painful histories, held together by Ahmad’s crisp writing and his wonderful character of Ranjit Singh. Shades of Martiz Cruz Smith here, and echoes of Graham Greene. Bravo, A. X. Ahmad.” —T. Jefferson Parker, author of The Jaguar and The Border Lords

“Compelling. Both familiar yet ultimately surprising, Ranjit’s journey to save his family and find himself… illustrates the difficulty of assimilating into an unpredictable and unfamiliar life.” —Martha’s Vineyard Gazette

“A tightly wound thriller, it is equally concerned with themes of insiders and outsiders, race, culture and class…. I very much hope that this is not the last we’ll see of Ranjit Singh, an original, complex hero for an uncertain, complicated time.” —Lisa Brackmann, New York Times bestselling author of Rock Paper Tiger

“Poignant. . . . A finely textured story of bravery and knavery.” —Publishers Weekly

“The demons of a military past together with the complexities of family life allow Ahmad to do what he does so well: bring us deeply into his characters’ emotions so that we feel closer to them as they face their hair-raising exploits.” —Brooklyn Rail

“A clever, well-plotted action thriller….the reader is engaged and cares about the plight and vulnerability of a migrant family caught up in a rich man’s world and at the mercy of corrupt politics.” —New York Journal of Books

“[A] masterful, page-turner…. The longer you read this emotionally rich, suspenseful novel, the harder it will be to put it down, as the surprises keep coming until the very end.” —Criminal Element

“[A] powerhouse tale, a literary thriller that’s sharply observed and deeply felt. A. X. Ahmad is a remarkable new talent, and his hero, Ranjit Singh, takes his place beside Arkady Renko as a man trapped between the system and his own moral imperatives…. is a surprising, gripping love story that manages to be both timely and timeless, and will be a novel people read for years to come.” —Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of Buried Secrets and Paranoia