Food Essay: ‘The Cabbie’s Guide to Manhattan’s Best 5 South Asian Eateries’ in Gothamist
A.X. Ahmad’s guide to the best, cheapest South Asian food in NYC

Essay: ‘Love in Secondary Inspection’ in The Good Men Project
A. X. Ahmad is detained by Homeland Security at the airport — and finally gets to really know his fiancée.

Short Story: ‘Don Hajji Mustafa’ in Criminal Element
In “Don Hajji Mustafa” by A.X. Ahmad, a humble and desperate accountant meets an international crime boss on a hot day in Mumbai that will change his life.

Short Essay: “Summertime and the Reading is Easy” in The New York Times
“After I finished my first novel, I was exhausted. I searched a used bookstore for some light reading, but any novel I picked up seemed too dense with words, too taxing for my addled brain. Then I spotted a stack of glossy “Dwell” magazines.”

Short story: ‘After Pain a Formal Feeling Comes’ in The Missouri Review
“On that first morning in Spain, Ali Azeem awoke to the smell of fish frying and no girlfriend lying next to him; he reached out a tentative hand and found only the cool sheet where Amy had lain. She was gone.”

Short story: “A Taste of Revolution” in The New England Review
“In the blazing hot afternoon the six year-old boy lies next to his grandmother, listening to the sound of her sleeping. He lies with his eyes open, listening for the crack-crack of rifle shots, for the sound of distant shouting.”

Essay: ‘205 LC Road’ Listed in Best American Essays 2010
“When I was nineteen, rumors reached my family that my grandmother’s house in Calcutta was falling apart.”

Memoir: “Catfish” Narrative Magazine’s ‘Story of the Week’
“My seventy year old father called me late one night from his crumbling apartment in Calcutta, India.”

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